FEATURED PRODUCT OF THE MONTH:  Cylinder Guide System (sold in pairs)
FEATURED PRODUCT OF THE MONTH:  Cylinder Guide System (sold in pairs)

FEATURED PRODUCT OF THE MONTH: Cylinder Guide System (sold in pairs)

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These cylinder guides are for lowriders with coil over rear suspension setups. When the cylinder goes through your bridge or trunk sheetmetal, they can rub against the sides of the holes that are cut out for the cylinder to go through. With these guides, they will help keep the cylinder nice and centered, eliminating any possibility of chatter or grinding, which eventually can grind a hole right into the side of the cylinder. You just have to slightly oversize the hole on the chassis and sheetmetal when installing the cylinders allowing it to have some breathing room, so that way when you bolt or weld these guides to the bridge or trunk floor, you won’t hear anymore chatter or squeak. Please see if you think you have enough space to mount them. They are 7.5" long x 5.25" wide. These guides are recommended for mild setups that don't articulate way too much. They do have flexibility, but not intended for 3 wheeling on 16” strokes or telescopics. We suggest watching the back of vehicle go up and down. If rubbing is the only issue and you have the space, these work absolutely amazing! Steel construction. They can potentially be slightly modified if need be to get proper fitment.

Unlike other cylinder guides out there, These cylinder guides are constructed of cold rolled steel, and have tig welded components under the cap to trap and secure insert from shifting to prevent premature wear. In the case that you do wear out the inserts, they can be purchased separately. Other guides on the market need to be drilled through the bridge or sheetmetal in order to mount them into place but do not offer support when under a heavy load and can shear a bolt. These guides are self contained and have all the support built into the unit. No need to drill through anything in the event you want to simply weld them into place.


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